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Bi-Fold Doors

We have recently changed our name from Ellwood Ltd to C&K Joinery Ltd. You can find our new website at www.candkjoinery.co.uk.

Bi-fold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether we have Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs to thank in part for this trend we don’t know…

One door usually acts as a master door and the door leaves can fold or concertina up to the inside or, more usually, to the outside and go to the left or right. Various configurations are possible. For example you can have six leaves all going to one side or you may split this layout as say, two bi-fold sets of 3 leaves going to left and to right.

The system is not a low cost option as they are quite involved to manufacture and of course a proper structural support above is required via a steel or glulam beam. Any roof or brickwork above or other weight bearing down has to be offset with the supporting beam as otherwise even with a slight flex going on the doors can end up jamming.

Overall the effect is opening the garden into the house and vice versa and provides quite a modern, crisp and practical living area. Bi-fold door sets easily install into conservatories, orangeries, new room extensions or into existing house wall layouts.

At a lower cost, if it’s just the open glass/ light area you desire, then a similar effect can be achieved by having a set of French doors with matching glazed side panels.

Please visit our new website for a full selection of bi-fold door photos: www.candkjoinery.co.uk/bifold-door-photos