Casement Windows (Storm Proof)

Our casement or storm proof windows are manufactured to meet stringent specifications and are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. Only the highest quality ancillaries and components are selected from long established suppliers. We are a bespoke manufacturer. All tailored to fit perfectly.
Each window is manufactured to the required size using computer aided technology, thus ensuring a perfect fit. The craftsmanship and experience that goes into the creation of our windows and doors gives a beautiful and long lasting finish which needs very little attention to keep it looking fresh and “as new”.
Full double glazing, weather sealing and the natural insulating properties of wood provides a combination other fabrics find difficult to match or exceed.
50% of the time we manufacture true storm proof, wrap around style windows and the others are as flush fit style and even single glazed window units along with traditional fittings like cockspur handles (e.g. “monkey tail” or “pig’s tail”). This may be customer choice or even a listed building requirement of course. Ellwood are therefore quite happy to manufacture these unique “Heritage” styles.