Edwardian Style Conservatories

Similar to a gable end construction where the footprint of the conservatory is oblong/square and having a ridge, the Edwardian style is easily spotted by the fact that the front part of its roof section ‘leans backward” into the ridge. In other words a hipped front section.

The conservatory really came into its own in the Edwardian era and the squarish shape provides a generous living area and bold lines. Victorian styles with 3 or more facets don’t make the optimum use of the internal floor space and can be more expensive to build with the use of squints (angled/shaped bricks for the turns). Edwardian styles are much more easily achieved.

For building onto bungalows or low level buildings, this design (and the gable ended styles) can still usually be achieved by attaching a hipped back to the roof and a box gutter for the rainwater to be dealt with.

The style provides for a very light and airy feel inside – and ample places to put those Edwardian potted palms!
The gallery below shows various Ellwood Edwardian style installations.