French Doors

Whether you have all glass for the French doors or with raised and fielded panels/panelling at bottom, then this is not a problem.

Cottage bars can also be included. French doors can open outwards (usual) or inwards. They can also be made into combination sets where side panels appear on one or both sides. We have made doors up to 1000mm wide each leaf for clients although usually the French doors are normally around 1200mm to 1800mm width overall. French doors often figure in conservatory or orangery layouts of course. Low thresholds can be created where we use a rebated sill arrangement rather than have the door frame sit on top of a sill.

The espagnolette locking system provides high security like our other entrance door systems. In recent times there has been a marked departure in a customer’s preference from the sliding patio door systems (usually achieved originally in uPVC or aluminium) toward the more classical or traditional look and timeless beauty of the French
doors approach.

Some bedrooms at upper floor have also incorporated Juliet or balcony style inward opening French doors. Adopting that of course means sorne form of barrier on the outer side to stop you falling to the area below! This will either take the form of some wrought iron balustrading or access will be to a balcony or landing area.