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glass patterns and designs

Within this page we display the many and varied glass design possibilities.

The first section covers the standard obscure glass or patterned glass options available. These are usually placed In
bathrooms, water closets, or overlooked windows. Additionally they are useful in door glazed areas and can be either the main glazed unit overall or act as a backing glass to other “fancy glass” designs. For example, in a front door you may have a clear diamond bevelled design with some leadwork but still want to retain a level of privacy. This is achieved by adding an obscure glass (usually chosen as “Minster”, “Stippolyte” or “Contora”) as the second sheet or “backing sheet” of glass in the double glazed unit.

The second section displays the myriad of glass designs and layouts – apart from the choice of the obscure patterns already mentioned – suitable for installation in our GRP doors.