Heritage (flush fit) style windows

Listed building status,conservation area or simply customer choice means that flush fit or “Heritage” timber windows can be created. Basically this means that the main feature of the window provides for the sashes (or dummy sashes) to be set into the frame and therefore the face of the frame and sash are “flush”. The standard window approach or other style is our Ellwood “Classic” wrap around or storm proof style of construction.
Where listed building status demands this flush fit style of window we may have to fit single glazing, narrow or pencil beads to copy the original features or where permitted by the conservation officers, lit “thin” profile double glazing. This latter option can have argon gas or krypton gas put in the units to enhance the otherwise poor u value for thin double glazing.
Pilkington now have a thin double glazing unit also called “energiKare Legacy” using their “Spacia” technology which offers an amazing 6.5mm thickness of double glazing with a centre pane u value of 1.4

If you want any more information on this then click the following link: enigiKare