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Porches & Gates

A porch can make a huge difference to making a house warmer in the colder months, providing an area to hang coats or take off wet and muddy shoes and also of course give useful shelter to you and your visitors as they prepare to enter the house.

Overall, protecting the main entrance from inclement weather and draughts brings the porch into its own, let alone saving your hall carpet from muddy feet.

Planning permission is not normally required as long as the porch falls within certain size limits and is made from materials to match the original house construction. In other words, a tiled roof or similar is usually mandatory whereas a glass roof structure will almost certainly not be permitted. This of course relates to the main front elevation or visible access to the house in question.

The porch entrance door (unless an open porch is required with the original front door still present in the home) can open inwards (usual) or outwards and care can be taken in the design (ventilation) in the porch so that the structure doesn’t get unbearably hot if it is to face a southern aspect.

We can undertake not only the creation of the door and window frames but also oversee and arrange for the floor slab and any walls to be constructed. We will create the roof infrastructure too (timbers, rafters, etc) with our builders finishing off the construction with a flat or tiled roof as required.