Solid Roof Conservatories

We approach the building of a solid roof conservatory in a similar way to a traditional all glass conservatory in that the frames and doors are normally the sanie. Subject to roof loadings calculations we will often ‘beef up” the construction timber profiles as necessary.

In conjunction with our builders/roofers we will normally construct the roof rafters too with the roofers finishing off with tiled or similar final roof covering including membrane and full insulation.

Whereas we will normally build with the tried and tested and very stable solid Sapele hardwood, we have constructed in oak an other hardwoods. There are caveats to using these other timbers however in that there can certainly be more movement experienced with such woods and when attempting to provide a stable frame construction for double glazed units this can prove difficult with the possibility that stability is compromised in the sense that window sashes may become tight/loose, the glass itself put under stress and the timbers twist/warp.

Our orangery constructions use a solid roof a as well., but in a different fashion of course. Orangery roof areas have a flat roof surround with a lantern glass roof structure in the middle.

We have access to structural engineers who work out the roof loadings etc and advise on steel or glulanm support beams.