Stable Doors

Various layouts are possible with our stable doors as you’ll see from the images below. The most popular are the styles where the top section has the four or six pane look. The “tongue and bottom section look is also very popular and in keeping with a stable door’s overall aesthetic appearance, along with the usual choice of black handles. However most door styles (see the door styles in the specifications page which is under the tab “About Ellwood”) can lend themselves to a stable door construction.

High security locking is incorporated in the two sections and a sliding bolt also secures the top to the bottom section. Glass panels can be obscure or clear as you wish and they are, of course, double glazed.

Because we’ve adopted the high security espagnolette locking system, it is not straightforward for us to use just a one handle (on bottom door leaf) system without somewhat compromising the top half security level and top level weather proofing.

However recent technology changes means we can now offer a single handle system hut the compromise here it only operates as a top leaf handle visible with the bottom having no handle. This isn’t quite how we’d all like it and hopefully advances will be made.

Discussions can be had on the pros and cons of existing handle/lock configurations and we’ li be more than happy to discuss these with you.