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Sun Lounge/Lean-To Conservatories

We have recently changed our name from Ellwood Ltd to C&K Joinery Ltd. You can find our new website at www.candkjoinery.co.uk.

There seems to be a desire in the conservatories marketplace to avoid referring to this style as a ‘lean-to’ in case it conjures up cheap, common or basic. Other suppliers seem to create all sorts of exotic names for this simple but effective design to avoid referring to them as lean-to conservatories!

They may be known as Mediterranean style conservatories, or garden rooms or sun rooms.

We put the same level of care and quality into this design as all others. In fact, they can often be more complex to build where we need to cater for large spans or even when one end or both ends are hipped or shaped. You will also see in some gallery pictures where we have created a stepped roof.

The lean-to design is often found in combination with other conservatory shapes to create ‘P’ or ‘T’ shapes. They can wrap around outside corners or fit to the inside of corners of your house and are in fact extremely versatile for creating a useful living space in awkward shaped areas.

As the roof in a basic lean-to structure is quite straightforward or simple, the overall cost tends to be much lower than other conservatory designs.