Vertical Sliding Box Sash Windows

We create this style of window using spiral spring balances rather than pulleys and weights. There is no timber to timber to rub together n our constructions and a variety of options exist to overcome a myriad of site conditions. Sash horns and cottage bar features are possible and double glazing is standard at 24mm. Various sash fasteners and colours are possible.
Our general approach is to create sash windows with a traditional look yet incorporate modern advances to improve on weather-proofing, security and ease of operation. We have overcome many different conditions such as noisy main roads outside homes and by using laminated glass helped to cut this to a minimum.
Vertical sliding box sash windows are sometimes not always as a 50/50 split and we are able to accommodate different layouts and builds. This is the beauty of dealing with a bespoke timber manufacturer and one who’s been around for many years, had experience of the many and varied situations.